They’re Not Fonts!


They’re Not Fonts!

> Hello everybody! Here it is another typography project.
I hope you enjoy it.

“You need to create a poster [size and proportion you choose] that informs your audience about the difference between Type Faces and Fonts.

You know what a Typeface is: Helvetica, Baskerville, Rockwell, Futura, Impact,
LubalinGraph, Gil Sans, Cooper Black etc. etc.
You know what a Font is: all the characters of only one point size which enable the reproduction or printing of that Typeface.

Use the rules of Contrast: Size, weight, color, texture, space to create excitement and you can also use the counterform or the space partially or completely enclosing a letterform to create interesting shapes to work into.

Keep it simple but powerful like the “Design Intelligence Made Simple” poster
hanging in our classroom. Don’t be afraid to crop letters and use your space wisely.
Use only Type, lines, rules, dots or dashes but NO outside graphics.

You can get additional information and text from the sheet handed out in class on “They’re not Fonts” or create your own dialogue to explain the differences. Use just enough words to get the point across and let the “Visualization of Language” do most of the work.
This is a grid project, so you must set up a grid of your choosing and use it to design this project, creating a structure that we all can feel.”

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